Training Survey

(A) Training Survey

Our goal is to provide quality trainings for our attendees. Thank you in advance for filling out this survey. We are interested in your complete and honest input so we know where we can improve and also know what we are doing well.
Today – the date you (the attendee of training) took this training survey.
MM slash DD slash YYYY
A_2 Attendee Name (Optional)
Leave this space blank if you wish to remain anonymous.

(B) Overall Training Information

If you do not know the name of the training indicate what the training was about.
MM slash DD slash YYYY
B_3_a Training Start Time
B_3_b Training End Time
B_3_c Did the training start on time?
B_4_a Name of Lead Trainer 1
B_4_b Name of additional Trainer 2

(C) Survey – Trainer(s) Performance

C_1 The trainer(s) was well prepared and had knowledge of the subject(s) being trained.
C_2 The trainer(s) was interesting and able to keep my attention.
C_3 The trainer(s) explained and illustrate concepts clearly.
C_4 The trainer(s) was receptive to attendee's comments and answered questions.

(D) Survey – Training Content

D_1 The training content was informative and complete.
D_2 The training content was relevant to the needs of my job or desired outcome.
D_3 The training content was taught at a pace and at a level that I could absorb.
D_4 The training content was interesting and kept me engaged.

(E) Survey – Training Overall

E_1 The overall training was well organized.
E_2 The overall training facility was adequate, clean and comfortable.
E_3 The overall training materials were useful.
E_4 The overall training schedule was convenient.
E_5 The overall training met my expectations.

(F) Attendee's Opinons

The following questions relate to the training overall.
If no opinion, write “no comment”.
If no opinion, write “no comment”.
If no recommendations, write “no comment”.
F_4 Identify where your training was held.
F_5 Which mode or setting do you prefer for training?