Updated: June 23, 2020

We welcome you (and/or the individual you legally represent) to Still Waters Professional Counseling Services, Inc. (SWPCI)!
The following is our official handbook for all persons-served. It contains information that informs you (and/or the individual you legally represent) of all of your rights and our terms as it relates to receiving services. We encourage you to review all of the information in this handbook.

A Message from the CEO

Dear Persons Served:  

Thank you for choosing Still Waters to meet your mental health needs. I am very pleased to welcome you and to let you know that the staff here will do everything we can to make sure your needs are met and your concerns addressed.  

You can expect to be treated with respect and dignity by all staff, both administrative and clinical. We strive to provide the highest quality care possible and encourage you to let us know if you are not satisfied with your services or have any concerns or suggestions about your treatment. Still Waters operates within federal, state and community ethical standards. Our ethical policies and procedures are available should you wish to have a copy. Please let your Counselor, or me know immediately if you feel we are not upholding our ethical standards.  

The information provided to you describes the services Still Waters offers and explains the rights you have as an individual of mental health services. If you feel your rights have been violated please contact Still Waters’ Management Team at 706-955-9224. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to your therapist or counselor, a supervisor, or me at any time.  

Again, welcome to Still Waters. I wish you the best on your road to recovery.  

LeAnn Oldfield, LPC, CEO 

A Letter to the Person Served

Dear Persons Served:  

Quality services depend on the close working relationship between your therapist, staff, and yourself. As an individual, you have certain responsibilities and one is to actively participate in treatment and help to develop your plan of care with your therapist. You are also responsible for attending your treatment sessions and to cancel your appointments as soon as you know you will be unable to attend them. For a complete list of Individual Rights and Responsibilities please refer to page 17, 18 & 19 of this handbook.  

One of our core values is to respect the rights and dignity of those served and to create an environment of recovery. Consistent with this value, there are policies that we follow regarding your scheduled appointments and when you begin to chronically miss them, recommendations may be made to close your case. Our policy is to notify you by telephone and/or a letter that if you do not contact your therapist within seven (7) business days of receiving a  letter or you fail to attend a rescheduled appointment we will close your chart for non-participation in your treatment. Also, as part of your treatment you will be scheduled to see one of our psychiatrists, who at some point, may prescribe medication to you. If this happens you are still expected to have regular meetings with your therapist and see your psychiatrist at least every 90 days or as scheduled. If you begin to miss appointments with your therapist and psychiatrist, but continue to call our office for re-fills of medications that have prescribed, we will have no choice but to staff your case with the treatment team for possible closure. If your case is closed, no more medications can be prescribed by our agency. You will receive a letter stating that your chart has been closed and no more medications will be prescribed along with appropriate referrals if continued treatment is needed.  

If you are currently taking a controlled substance or antipsychotic medication your case will be reviewed with your physician before the chart is closed.  

Also, if you are not consistent with therapy such as showing for one appointment, missing the next and then showing again, your case may also be reviewed for closure. If this happens you will also be notified by a telephone call and/or anon-compliance letter in which we will provide you with an opportunity to notify us of whether or not you would like to continue services within 7-10 business days. We will always take into consideration any special circumstances that you may be experiencing but it is your responsibility to discuss these issues with your therapist.  


About Still Waters

Still Waters Professional Counseling Services, Inc. (SWPCI) is a locally owned and operated behavioral health agency, located in Augusta, GA. We offer hope and healing to families and individuals who are experiencing difficulties related to behavioral, psychological or emotional challenges, addictions and/or loss.

CARF Accredited
SWPCI has been awarded an esteemed CARF accreditation.
The Value of CARF Accreditation – CARF accreditation signals a service provider’s commitment to continually improving services, encouraging feedback, and serving the community.
Our CARF Accreditation was awarded for the following programs and services:
Outpatient Treatment Mental Health – Adults
Outpatient Treatment Mental Health – Children
Intensive Family Based Services

Still Waters provides a variety of services depending on the level on care needed. 
We offer in-office, in-home, and community based services throughout the East Central GA area. We provide individual and family counseling for those dealing with behavioral disorders, substance abuse, trauma, marital stress and other life issues.

Mission Statement
The mission of SWPCI is to provide the highest quality of mental health services to individuals and families in need of counseling, crisis intervention and prevention in the most appropriate, educational and accessible manner.

Core Values
In order to best serve our individuals and remain true to our employees, Still Waters embraces the following core values:  
RESPECT – Respecting the rights and dignity of our individuals
RECOVERY – Creating an environment of recovery for our individuals
QUALITY – Commitment to quality with a commitment to excellence and superior outcomes
PUBLIC AWARENESS – Dedication to improved public awareness and eliminating stigma
VALUE OUR EMPLOYEES – Employees are our single greatest asset

SWPCI Hours of Operation and Contact Information

Main Office Address:
Still Waters Professional Counseling Services, Inc.
3711 Executive Center Drive
Augusta, GA 30907

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Thursday – Friday:  8:00 AM – 5:00 MP
Occasionally some programs offer varying schedules; please check with your counselor for alternate schedules outside of normal business hours.

Phone Numbers:
706-955-9224 Office

After-Hours Crisis Number
If you are in a medical emergency call 911, you may also call our after-hours crisis number.



Social Media:
SWPCI Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stillcorp/
SWPCI Linkedin:
Still Waters Ministries Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stillwatersministryAugusta/

Key Staff Members

LeAnn Jean, LPC – Chief Executive Officer   
Patricia Auguste – Human Resource Manager  
Susan Shorey – Fiscal Manager 
Shareika Bennerman – Program Director  
Amber Poss, LAPC – Utilization Manager   
Christy McWaters, Special Programs Manager
Lori Pack Messaadi, Business Operations Director
Briana Thomas-Pennamon, Medical Assistant
Dr. C. Simon Sebastian, MD- Psychiatrist
Ellen Lewis, NP-C- Nurse Practitioner/ Dr. Russell Brown, MD- Psychiatrist 

Financial Responsibility Agreement to Pay

Upon entering services at SWPCI you agree to the following terms as it relates to your financial responsibility and agreement to pay.

As part of the registration process prior to appointments,
I understand that Still Waters Professional Counseling Services, Inc. (SWPCI) will determine if I (or the individual I represent) will be billed via insurance or “self-pay” methods. 

I understand that if it is determined that I (or the individual I represent) a “self-pay” that I may request a review for a sliding scale fee.

Sliding Scale Discount:
I understand that if I (or the individual I represent) apply for the sliding scale fee discount program, and that I must provide written verification of monthly income and family size.  Which can include examples such as: Prior year’s W-2 forms or the two most recent pay stubs.  
I understand that my eligibility for the sliding scale fee discount program will be reviewed every six months and that once approved the applications 6 month life will start with the date of the submission of the form. 
I understand that I am obligated to notify Still Waters immediately if my (or the individual I represent) income or household status changes before the 6 months has expired for any Sliding Scale Discount application on file. 
I understand that, in the event I (or the individual I represent) do not have a way to provide written verification, in special circumstances, I (or the individual I represent) may do a “self declaration” and this will entail providing a signed statement of income, and why(s) I (or the individual I represent) are unable to provide independent verification and that this statement will be presented to SWPCI management for review and final determination as to the sliding scale discount fee percentage. 
I understand that as a “self-declared individual’ I (or the individual I represent) will be responsible for 100% of the charges until management determines the appropriate category.  
I understand that, SWPCI will require a minimum payment of $20 per visit regardless to the status of any Sliding Scale Discount Fee application that may be being reviewed.
I understand that my (or the individual I represent) Sliding-Scale discount fee accounts are handled in a manner consistent with payment and collection policies offered by other businesses that extend credit and that I (or the individual I represent) on the sliding-scale fee will be billed at least monthly.   
I understand that all accounts must be kept current, and SWPCI Financial Counselors will work with me (or the individual I represent) to establish payment plans.
I understand that after 30 days of no payment activity on my (or the individual I represent) account, SWPCI staff will contact me to establish a payment plan. Also that if is determined that that there has been insufficient PAYMENT activity to pay in full the balance due, an account may be turned over to a collection agency.

Minimum Payment:
I understand that if I (or the individual I represent) documentation qualifies me (or the individual I represent) for the Minimum Payment category, I am expected to apply for publicly available insurance through Medicaid. 
I understand that the Minimum Payment category is considered a temporary eligibility category until SWPCI receives verification of Medicaid eligibility.  If positive verification is received, those visits become insured.  If negative verification is received, the visits remain at the Minimum Payment category. If the application is pending, related visits will remain at the Minimum Payment category.  
I understand that SWPCI staff will request and expect payment at time of visit and that if payment is not rendered that SWPCI staff will reserve the right to reschedule my (or the individual I represent) session but that exceptions will be made for crisis situations.
I understand that consistent non-payment for SWPCI services is grounds for termination of non-emergent services and that if my (or the individual I represent) balance exceeds $250 that I (or the individual I represent) may be asked to stop using services, or may be required to pay all outstanding balances in full before receiving further services.

Bundling of Services:
I understand that if interested, I  may purchase a bundle of services (6 counseling sessions and one psychiatric visit) at a 20% discount. This discount cannot be combined with the sliding scale fee discount and that bundled services are non-refundable.